Thursday, October 8, 2009

The sPiRit of understanding.

So today's noteworthy event was my sister chasing away the evil spirits that live here with us on the 30th floor of a high rise. I know...things are reaching a new level of absurdity. Who would chase away evil spirits before Halloween arrived?

We were making pursed-lips faces like Cliff Huxtable while listening to 88.9 Jazz FM this evening. Both of us felt better about our days spent outside of the apartment instead of allowing anxiety to fester in the apartment. We felt like contributing members of society for that moment. Then my sister pulled out a bundle of sage, lit it on fire on the gas stove, and waved the smoldering sticks in every area of the house.

And then suddenly, we realized that it stank. Like disgusting. It was so familiar, but we couldn't define it. My sister quickly admitted she had never tried this keeping away of evil spirits before and lurched to open some windows. At that moment, our employed roommate who leaves the apartment no later than 5:45am and returns home no earlier than 8pm walked into the room. And that's when we quickly identified the familiarity of the burning sage was just like pot. Nothing I've ever tried but am quite familiar with the scent thanks to living right behind Fraternity Row in college.

Our roommate walked in to find two sisters, at home, with zero employment between them, on a weekday evening, with a cloud sitting in the middle of the room. What a scene.


  1. I love your blog, Rina!!!!!
    Can I be your groupie???
    And employment is not all that it is cracked up to me. My year of unemployment was the best year ever!!! It's time to start playing the lotto again:)

  2. Gups, I love you. I was just reminiscing about Paris. You, me, and MontayMartay (remember that one?).

  3. I'm not unemployed. I freelance. And it was sage. (Blinking eyes innocently.)