Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The clouds are parting, and I'm seeing the light. Oop, no that's still the LED tube in my tv.

The settings on this blog are almost as hard to find as the "deactivate" button on Facebook. I tried to edit my first post before I published it, but there it went public with grammatical mistakes and all. The teacher in me pooped her figurative pants. It's ok though. Because I realized that there are people who actually love me enough to have read my blog, embrace its errors, and even tried to comment. But of course, it appears that the latter was in vain as I unknowingly neglected to press a hidden button to activate that feature.

But I'm getting it. It's like my life. Everything is there, but I just need to look through the tabs and figure out what to turn on and what to turn off. How's that metaphor lit by the candle of enlightenment? Thank you Frasier, (9:00/9:30 Eastern on Lifetime). I love how a show about psychotherapy is on the Television Network for Women.

I guess I made the switch to grad school in counseling for the same reason that Frasier is on Lifetime. Women (and women who still refer to themselves as a girl, like myself) are a little crazy and are more self-reflective than any other being on the planet. We question everything we do because we have the best intentions for a bright future and making everyone around us happy. We need a little psychoanalysis now and then (on weekday mornings). Like just when I try something new in life such as graduate school in counseling, I question, question, question if it was right to leave what I had before. I wish for the past and long for a better future. It's ridiculous. I'm treating myself to the safety of something I know and sometimes get bored of. for now, I am treating myself to the present. I will not change the channel. It's you, Frasier, and nothing else.

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