Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ice Cream Saturdae

A sundae on a Sunday
Is a sweet within a sweet
Wake up at noon to eat
A tasty ice cream breakfast treat
A scoop of soft vanilla
And some chocolate chocolate chip
A dollop of raspberry swirl
And wafers (good to dip)
Some hot fudge sauce and sprinkles
And a cherry on whipped cream
I serve myself a spoonful
Of my Sunday sundae dream
No better treat I know of
And for SURE no better day
An ice cream saturdae on Saturday?

-Rina Deshpande, 02-26-13

Happy Poetry Month!

Also, you know what's hilarious? Over a year ago I had started a different blog that I managed to not come back to until today.  And this was the single posting I had done.